Debbon Ayer is an actress and producer, known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Garden State (2004) and Accepted (2006). Her personality has it own uniqueness among other lady actresses from same field.

Ayer has an unknown family background which explains much information about her is missing from her readers. On accord, her date of birth is also missing from being updated. As her date of birth is not disclosed, it is very difficult to summarize anything about her life in detail as it could be the matter of contradiction made upon some baseless information. Her birth place not yet mentioned along with childhood memories. Due to lack of information about her birth place and date, her zodiac sign, ethnicity and nationality cannot be specified by any means.

Turning to her personal life profile, she is one of the most beautiful actresses of hollywood. She has been known for her gracious beauty and elegant acting capability. She has been known for her unique beauty. Her pretty eyes have the power to get attention of anyone around. People around her find just being mesmerized by her beauty and intelligence. She has been one of the dream personality holder for her fans who want to be just like her. As an actress she has kept herself in firm shape. Her flawless body language has been reason for her short time fame gathered from very few films till the date.

As an actress she pays quality time to her diet and exercise. She knows the importance of beauty and figure for an actress and for it she has been working seriously. Next to it, she also keeps herself in fashionable status. She has been one of the bold actress to expose her body with confident in public and by now there  are huge amount images of her in all over the internet and they are at high rate of searches indeed and the rate has been raising on every successive day.