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5 Surreal Facts of Twin Peaks Director David Lynch

Those who have watched cult classics, Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet, barely needs the introduction of surrealist filmmaker, David Lynch. Referred to as one of the greatest directors in the world, David has inspired countless viewers with his incredible cinematic visions. As surreal as his creations are, the 72-year-old is also equally amazing and hard to figure out. 

Growing up, his passion towards different fields like painting and photography, helped him become one of the successful filmmakers. As a young boy, he was a proud member of Eagle Scout and developed peculiar interests, including his curiosity about the process of decomposition.  

There are enough factors that makes him stand out from the rest, and you may be familiar with his quirkiness. But, still there are something that you may not know about him. So, here we are with 5 surprising facts about David, which you might have missed.

Lived in 6 cities by the age of 14

Who doesn’t love to explore new places? Everyone does! Some do that as a passion and adventure, while some travel just because they have to. Talking about David, by the age of 14, he had already lived in six different cities and 5 different states, i.e., Montana, Washington, Idaho, North Carolina, and Virginia. That's so cool. 

David Lynch is wearing a white shirt

He was born in Missoula Montana, and his family relocated to different places according to where the U.S. Department of Agriculture assigned his father, Donald Walton Lynch, who was a research scientist. Recalling his transitionary childhood, David said that his early life was fantastic enough as he got to meet new friends whenever attended a new school.

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Aspired to be a painter

David Lynch is painting

With emerging interest towards painting and drawing, David enrolled at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to become a professional painter. It seems fate had different plans for him. Later, after a year or so, he dropped out of college stating, "I was not inspired AT ALL in that place."

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Coffee Freak

David Lynch is drinking coffee

Might be wondering, who does not love coffee? But, you might not love coffee as much as David Lynch does. He admitted that he used to drink 20 cups of coffee per day in the past, which has now decreased to the half. But, here’s the irony of the whole scenario, the cups are comparatively larger now. So much so, he also owns his own coffee brand and is reportedly very very strong. 

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Also a furniture maker

David Lynch is wearing a black suit

Okay, this man is multi-talented. He is everything, from renowned filmmaker to astonishing painter and an enthusiastic musician to grounded actor. In addition to that, he really enjoys making furniture, and in fact, he is pretty good at it. He even presented a collection of his handmade furniture at a special exhibition. 

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Weird eating pattern

David Lynch is eating a doughnut

Everyone has their eating pattern and diet, but let us tell you people, David here is an exception, who eats the same thing at the same time not to be surprised at the same place every day. Like seriously! Can you even believe that and can you do that? For 7 years, he went to Bob's Big Boy at 2:30 p.m., where got a chocolate milkshake, and brainstormed ideas.

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