Damian Gabrielle is a mobile phone accessory entrepreneur. Gabrielle came into public notice when he got married with beautiful French model and actress, ‘Ogla Kurylenko’. There is not any specific information available about his birth date. Gabrielle is believed to born in United States of America. Like his real age, there is not any information available about his educational background and early life. We can assure that his early life would have been spent in good memory as he has successfully established himself as a mobile phone entrepreneur in the recent time.Damian became the central part of attraction of media when he started dating beautiful French actress, ‘Olga Kurylenko’. Kurylenko is a prominent name of the entertainment world.  She started her modeling career at early age of 13. She claimed to fame from appearing in the movie ‘Hitman’. Olga also became popular from portraying the role of Bond girl ‘Camille Montes’ in 2008 James Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’. Gabrielle’s destiny changed when this beautiful lady fell in love with him. He was never got noticed in media before she started to date ‘Kurylenko’. Olga is an attractive lady with whom anyone will fall in love with her. But the special person who stole her heart once again was ‘Damian Gabrielle’. Besides being in a relationship with the alluring French actress, nothing is known about him. The only thing known is that he is an American mobile phone accessory entrepreneur.

Damian mostly gained notice because of being in a relationship with the renowned model and actress, Olga. So there is no specific information about his personal life information. Damian might have gained success from his work as a mobile phone entrepreneur however, there is not any evidence to prove that he is a successful entrepreneur or not. He might be earning considerable amount of salary and net worth from his work which he has not exposed yet in the media.