Bonnie Piesse is an Austrian actress. In addition, she is a singer who writes songs. She has inspired youth to sing and encouraged them to join the industry. Piesse became popular after appearing in My Favorite Girlfriend.”

Bonnie piesse is born on 10 august 1983 (Currently 38 years) in Melbourne, Australia. She believes in and follows the Christian region. Furthermore, she believes that Christianity gives peace and respect to all religions.

Family Life of Bonnie Piesse

Bonnie Piesse’s full name is Bonnie Maree Piesse. She is born under the sign of Leo, which she believes to be e astrological sign. However, she frequently checks her horoscope and stays updated on what her days and months look like.

Bonnie Piesse was posing for her dad’s click. Source: Instagram

The actor is only the child of her parents. In addition, the actress has maintained a distance between her professional and personal life. Moreover, the name of the parents is not public.

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The Piesse’s parents are supporting parents, as they always support their child in each step. In addition, her father is always motivated her to dream and achieve her dreams. Furthermore, her mother is like her support system, as her friend.

The beautiful actress completed her schooling in her hometown. During her education helped junior with assignments. In addition, the actress attended a Rudolf Steiner School in Australia, where she got motivated to sing and dream like a singer.

More on Piesse’s Earlier life

The diverse actress is fond of acting. However, she used to participate in numerous roles for the school drama activities during her school days. In addition, the actress is equally good at singing and sports. During her school time, she used to play basketball and other games.

Physical Appearance

The young Australian actress represents herself smartly in all the events. In addition, she has warm and friendly behavior. She has black and brown hair. However, the actress is very demanding with her outfits and tend to wear bright color dress. In other words, she is picky with the outfit’s color and choices.

Furthermore, the actor is 1.68 meters, whereas her weight is 62 kg. In addition, she has a huge youth fan of her appearance. 

Bonnie Piesse Married?

Bonnie Piesse is a happily married woman. In addition, she married filmmaker, Mark Vicente. Moreover, Vicente and Piesse tied the knot away from the public eye.

Bonnie Piesse and her husband “Mark Vicente” at an event. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the couple exchanged the wedding vows with family, friends and cousins. According to “The VOW,” they met the Executive Success Program in 2007. Currently, the couple is busy at work; however, they have not planned for the family.


The young actress has not been a part of controversies. However, she can create a distance between private life and public life. In addition, issues were singing for a television series. However, she did not let the public make controversy about it.

The net worth of Bonnie Piesse

Bonnie Piesse is a diverse person. In addition, she is hard working person who has a bit of luck. The actress started her career in earlier life. In addition, she started her career by working backstage and singing. Then at the age of 14, Bonnie began her family business.

Bonnie piesse is playing guitar and enjoying the beach during her vacation. Source: Instagram

The actress is more popular as a diverse actress. In other words, she is famous for all the roles in all the scenes in the movie. The acting skill of the actress gets better as the year increases and as she gains experience.

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Furthermore, the secondary income comes from singing and advertisement. The husband of the actress also earns from her job, which lifts their living standard.

Professional Life

Bonnie started her career as a child artist. In addition, she has appeared in numerous television series and films like “High Flyers” as” Donna” in 1999 and “Star Wars.”

In addition, the diverse actress can portray different roles according to the contract and requirements. As she gained experience, she appeared in the industry as a singer and gave her voice to the theme song and the tract song of the film.

Award and achievements

The multi-talented Australian actress is energetic and hard-working in the work and singing industry. However, Bonnie has shown her passion and dedication to this industry since childhood.

The young singer and composer won numerous international awards. Furthermore, she has won countless international recognition in the UK Songwriting Contest.

Some of Bonnie Piesse’s appearances in film and television series:

  • Blue Heelers
  • Horace and Tina
  • Last Man Standing
  • Star War (Episode)

Online presence

The Last Man Standing actress has gained much attention on Instagram and Twitter in the last few months. She has regularly uploaded pictures in social media posts and stories.

Bonnie Piesse shares positive vibes with her audience. Source: Instagram

In addition, Piesse loves to connect with her fans and communicates with them in her free time. From her social accounts, we can assure that she influenced the youth to dream big and encouraged the fans.

Talking about the Instagram account, she has 16.8k followers, stories regularly, and over 416 posts. In comparison to other sites, piesse seems to use Instagram more often. However, the actress shares most pictures with her family and pets, showing a deep connection with family and animals.

Other Interests of Bonnie

Bonnie piesse is also a singer and knows the basics of all instruments. In addition, she loves sports and plays with her cousins and friends during her free time. The actress spends her time with her family discovering a new special place and goes for a vacation during her break time.