Crystal Bernard is an American actress, best recognized for portraying the role of Helen Chappell on the NBC sitcom, Wings. While she is majorly known for her works on television, she has also worked in various movies and theater productions and has even pursued a career in music. 

Crystal Bernard’s childhood defined her later career

Bernard was born on September 30, 1961, in Garland, Texas, to televangelist Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard and his wife, Gaylon Fussell. She has an elder sister named Robyn, who is also an actress and has two younger sisters Scarlett and Angelique.

Crystal Bernard's photo from her young age. She is smiling, showing her teeth.

Bernard attended Spring High School in Harris County, Texas. After graduation, she enrolled at Baylor University and studied acting and international relations. She had also studied acting at Alley Theater when she was a kid.

Crystal loved singing as much as she loved acting since she was a child. She would often entertain her family by singing gospel songs along with her sister Robyn. The two sisters also sang at the First Assembly of God church in Slidell, Louisiana, traveling with her father. Reportedly, they recorded 12 albums before reaching adulthood.

Crystal Bernand’s multifaceted career has earned her a huge net worth

Crystal made her debut on television and big screen in 1982. She got her first break in the television industry when she landed the role of K. C. Cunningham on Happy Days

She made her breakthrough in 1985, playing the role of Amy Tompkins on It’s a Living. Then in 1990, she received the most important and the longest role of her career, i.e., Helen Chappell in Wings. She appeared on the sitcom until 1997, appearing on all of the episodes of the show.

Crytal Bernard portraying the role of Helen Chappell in television sitcom Wings. She is leaning on to a table in front of her and is smiling.

In her later career, she appeared in various television movies, including two Hallmark movies – Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus and Meet the Santas. As of now, her latest screen appearance came in 2008 via television movie Grave Misconduct.

Crystal has also been inactive in the music field for a long time. In fact, she was active only during the 90s. She has released six singles and two albums – Girl Next Door, and Don’t Touch Me There.

Crystal Bernard is standing, singing on a mic. She is wearing blue jeans and white crop-top.

In her career spanning around two and a half decades, Bernard accumulated a net worth of $5 million. The amount would have surely been greater if she had continued her acting and singing career.

Who is Crystal Bernard’s husband?

Despite being born into a Southern Baptist family, Bernard has not shown an interest in marriage. She was, however, in a long-term relationship with producer Tony Thomas.

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