Updated: 05/08/2018 03:55 PM | First Published: 05/08/2018 03:50 PM

Best cars restored by the Count's Kustoms crew in Counting Cars


Counting Cars is by far one of the greatest car restoration shows that have been featured in the History channel. The show showcases some of the hottest cars that you might have laid eyes on. Count’s Kustoms, the shop which is featured in the show is owned by car enthusiast and singer, Danny Koker.

What’s more interesting about Danny is that he has over 50 cars in his personal collection. When Danny finds a car he admires, he usually buys it on the spot and makes it extremely fast and good looking with the help of his crew.

To show you what we are talking about, here are some of the best cars that have been restored by the Counting Cars crew.

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Danny’s 1974 Roadrunner

This car is an absolute stunner. The way its purple color merges with the streak of black that moves from the front to the back makes it look drop dead gorgeous. The Counting Cars crew give their cars a magical touch and that is exactly what happened with this 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner.

If I were to rate this car, I would give it an 8 out of 10 just because of its slick look.

1972 Monte Carlo

This is the car that openly showcases the bravado of muscle cars. It’s golden colors and black highlights make it one of the most desirable muscle cars in this list. The crew worked very hard on this car, as it can be seen in the car’s overall design. This is one car that would raise a person’s social standard just by driving it through the neighborhood. Stay tuned folks because the next one is a stunner.

1968 Charger

If you feel like you’ve seen this car somewhere and can’t realize where, fret not, because this car was the one used by Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious franchise. The car is an allrounder. It’s extremely fast, powerful and looks bad to the bone. On one glance, you might think this car is black but if you look closely it's actually dark maroon. 

1972 Cutlass

Count’s Kustoms’ paintwork has to be one of the best in all of America because this 1972 Cutlass stands out even among other Cutlass. Its pearlescent white primary colors with streaks of contemporary gold makes it unique and vibrant. This car has broken previous cars’ record in our list for the best color combination.

1979 Camaro Z28

This ‘79 Camaro Z28 must be the most badass Camaro out there. With a V8 engine under its hood, this beast is ready to take on the road with its orange flames with a shade of red. Its hallowed multi-spoke chrome rims is just what the paint job was demanding and the crew clearly nailed it.

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