NCIS fans are expecting a big treat in the coming episode after a Super Bowl promo teased that Ziva David’s story isn’t over yet. The promo for season 16’s episode 13 teased the former agent Ziva David’s involvement in the team’s next case.

Cote de Pablo is Returning to NCIS!

Cote de Pablo is looking elegant in her light makeup look which best matches her black and sliver dress, her small pinch of smile adds to her beauty.

The CBS police-procedural drama’s upcoming episode entitled She, set to air on Feb. 12, will be centered on an old case involving Cote De Pablo’s Ziva David. The episode will reopen the case when a malnourished and confused nine years old girl, possible daughter of a long-missing Navy recruit, is found hiding in a storage unit. While investigating, Special Agent Ellie Bishop finds notes that Ziva had kept, long after NCIS closed the case.

Ziva was said to have been killed in a mortar attack in a season 13 episode, but her remains were never found, which had kept the slim chance of her character’s return. According to Ziva’s will, she left her daughter Tali’s custody to Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), who then left the service and moved to Europe to raise his daughter. It’s yet to be known if Cote has filmed the new episodes or she will be shown in flashbacks. Stay tuned to CBS for a new episode of NCIS on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, who were shipped as “Tiva” by NCIS fans, are collaborating as executive producers on a new CBS series, MIA. The series follows a newly minted homicide detective, who gets assigned to a by-the-book partner for some cases in Miami.

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