Cote de Pablo has been making the headlines for the hot body measurements that she endures. She has previously been in the limelight for her role in NCIS.

Cote De Pablo’s body measurements details

The NCIS’s actress, Cote De Pablo races many hearts with the flaming body shape that she carries. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches and her long and sexy legs do enough justice to the bikinis and swimsuits she puts on.

Cote De Paulo is looking elegantly sexy in her photoshoot where she dresses in a silver and white gown.

Pablo’s body comes under banana shaped body type. She has best-maintained her body with body measurements of 35-26-35 inches. Cote carries a slim body with medium sized breasts, flat belly, thin waist-line and relatively wider hips. She has revealed her body structure in some of the bold appearances in CBS’s NCIS.

For the sizzling bikini body that she endures, Pablo was listed in the top ten lists as one of the hottest actresses by E-Poll Market Research.

Cote de Pablo’s relationship status

Cote de Pablo is holding Diego Serrano's hand and Diego is found capturing moments from his mobile phone.

Cote, who considers herself as a reserved personality, credits her former boyfriend Diego Serrano for a little fun person she’s turned out to be now. The news of their breakup was viral in June of 2015. Since then Cote’s not been linked with others.

What caused Cote de Pablo and Diego Serrano’s separation? Find out what her next plan is after leaving NCIS