Clinton Kelly and husband Damon Bayles have been married for a long time. Open about their sexuality, the two kept their wedding a low profile though.

Clinton Kelly and Damon Bayles’ wedded at their home in Connecticut

Clinton has been open about his sexuality for a long time, i.e. since he was a co-host on the reality makeover show What Not to Wear. He dated Damon Bayle long before tying the knot with him in 2009.

Their wedding, which was held at their home in Connecticut, was kept a low profile and was attended by only close family and friends.

The couple is currently based in New York, but they take time off and often head to their home in Connecticut, which he calls a “happy place.”

During a 2014 interview with Hartford Magazine, a Connecticut-based lifestyle magazine, Kelly shared, “Connecticut is my happy place. There is nowhere as nice. When we get here, we stop at the local IGA and get all the food we need for the weekend. And never leave the house. I barely comb my hair. It’s me, Damon and the pets and the woods and some friends coming over. I adore Connecticut.”

Clinton Kelly with husband Damon Bayles and pet dog Mary

Clinton has managed to keep up a stable relationship with his spouse despite his busy working schedule. The couple does not have any children yet but they do have a special family member, a cute dog named Mary.

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Clinton Kelly and Damon Bayles’ professional backgrounds accredited for their happy married life

In 2015, Clinton teamed up with Devyn Simone to co-host TLC’s Love at First Swipe. On the show, the two helped single women present themselves correctly and find potential mates. 

In each episode, they chose a certain woman who is unable to search for romance on their own. The former What Not to Wear host Clinton did a makeover of those women, and Devyn gave them the best of the dating tips.

Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone are standing close to each other. Clinton is raising his hand up to his waist level, making a fist. Devyn is resting her hand on her waist.

They taught them how to dress and bring out the romantic side to their otherwise dull personalities. They entirely transformed the profile and personality of those women, helping the poor souls find the missing love of their life. 

Clinton worked alongside Devyn for nearly half a year, and during that time, he must have certainly learned invaluable tips from the dating coach. He seems to be practicing what he preached, which is perhaps why his relationship is going so well with his partner.

Damon Bayles selfie with husband Clinton Kelly

Bayles, on the other hand, has been helping people in dealing with various psychological issues. A clinical psychologist by profession, he counsels people battling depression, anxiety, interpersonal and relationship issues, etc. 

Bayles’ expertise in the field is undoubtedly a reason that the couple has managed to keep relationship issues at bay and live a stress-free married life.

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