Comedian Gabriel Iglesias‘ girlfriend, Claudia Valdez is an American actress and producer. They have been together for several years. So what does her personal life looks like? Let’s find out along with her short bio!

Claudia Valdez’s career and net worth

Claudia joined Hollywood with cameos and supporting roles. As of now, she has worked on several projects and is best known for her work in 2010’s sci-fi movie Monsters. She portrayed the role of a nurse in maternity ward. 

Girlfriend of Gabriel Valdez looks cute while smiling

Furthermore, she has also been working as a producer. With no doubts, there will be a lot to add to this talented personality’s wiki in near future.

Know more about Claudia Valdez’s comedian boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias!

Her work as actress and producer must have helped her in amassing an impressive amount of net worth. However, her exact net worth is not officially revealed yet.

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Is Claudia Valdez already married to boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias? 

Claudia Valdez has been in a relationship with talented Gabriel Iglesias a.k.a The Fluffy Guy for nearly a decade now. Their relationship first caught the eyes of media when they appeared together in Make a Wish event at the Laugh Factory in 2008. 

Claudia Valdez and boyfriend, Gabriel Iglesias wearing a smile poses for the camera while Gabriel looks at the camera and Claudia looks away

Even after being together for such a long time, Claudia and Gabriel have not married. However, Gabriel is often mistaken as Claudia’s husband.  

Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias co-parent a son!

Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias have a son, Frankie. As per Gabriel’s tweet, Frankie is in his late teens at present. 

Gabriel Iglesias, boyfriend of actress Claudia Valdez tweeting about his son, Frankie

Frankie is not a biological son of Gabriel. He was born to Claudia from her previous relationship. The pair has been co-parenting Frankie since they started dating. Frankie also takes Gabriel as his father figure. 

As of now, the family of three is sharing a blissful life residing in California.

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