Wait what! Gabriel Iglesias has a son? Does he have a wife too? Truth about his family revealed

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Gabriel Iglesias is raising son, Frankie, from his girlfriend Claudia Valedz's previous relationship. The couple is yet to marry but Frankie is already an integral part of Gabriel's life.
Despite being one of the biggest names in the field of stand-up comedy, Gabriel's personal life is not in limelight. Though he keeps his profile low, we will share you some known facts about his personal life.

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez are not a married couple

Gabriel has been in a relationship with actress Claudia Valdez for the past few years. She is a mother to a son named Frankie from her past relationship. Her last relationship wasn't successful and she ended up being a single mother.

Gabriel and Claudia have been very supportive of each other as she supports his choice of career and he has been helping her raise her son. Gabriel took the responsibility of Frankie financially and treats him like his own son. This shows how sincere and kind-hearted Gabriel is.

The couple seems so in love though he makes a lot of jokes in his shows about his relationship and Claudia to make people laugh. They were rumored to be planning to get married but the news is not yet confirmed by any source.

Their small family has been living in California since around 2008. The lovebirds were first spotted while attending A Wish for Animal Benefit at the Laugh factory.

Multitalented Gabriel Iglesias is millionaire with a responsibility of a kid

He has already accepted Claudia and Frankie as his family and has been taking their responsibility by himself. As he is helping Claudia raise her son, it might not be difficult for him since his net worth is expected to be between $18 million to $20 million.

Iglesias is not only a successful stand-up comedian but also a writer, actor, producer and voice actor. He appeared in 2015's most anticipated movie Magic Mike XXL.

Hello from the Magic Mike XXL Miami Walk Of Fame. It's hot in Miami

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His comedy specials 'Hot & Fluffy' and 'Tim Not Fat...I'm Fluffy' has sold around 2 million copies. He has appeared on many famous interviews shows like The Today Show, The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Steve Harvey, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Good Morning America etc.

Last night in Rotterdam was a great way to kick off part 2 of my #UnityThroughLaughter world tour. #GabrielIglesias

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Gabriel has decided to keep Claudia and Frankie away from the limelight so that the media won't interfere with their personal lives. He is quite active on social media, but both Claudia and Frankie are yet to appear on his Instagram.

Gabriel hasn't given his girlfriend the wife tag yet but he has been providing fatherly love to his girlfriend's son. Hopefully, Gabriel Iglesias will get hitched soon and extend his small family.

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