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Christie Brimberry is naturally a brunette

By: Ludwig Paige  | 
Christie Brimberry (left) with shorter blonde hair, Christie Brimberry (right) with longer brown hair
Christie Brimberry sports a neat pixie cut and has dyed her hair platinum blonde. Her natural hair color is brown. She used to grow her hair out when she was younger but prefers to keep it short at the present.
Christie Brimberry standing beside son Malik Grinage who has his arm around her, he's holding a high school diploma in the other hand 1 of 6 Swipe To View More 6
Christie Brimberry with son MalikFast NChristie Brimberry is the manager of Gas Monkey GarageChristie Brimberry with husband Daren BrimberryChristie Brimberry is naturally a brunette Christie Brimberry

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