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A man with great ability and talent, Chris Fehn is one of the greatest musicians who have ever served the world of music. Chris Fehn is a sensational musician born on 24th February 24th of the year 1973. 42 years aged musician Chris was born in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. Chris Fehn was named Christopher Michael Fehn in his birth but is well known as Chris Fehn all around the world. He is also known as Mr. Fehn, Mr. Zutzut, Picklenose, Boshet Man, Long Nose etc. His music belongs to genres like Heavy metal, alternative metal, nu metal and metalcore. He is a custom percussion, electronic percussion, vocalist and bass guitarist. He has been serving his profession since the year 1996 and has been labeled with Roadrunner and Nuclear Blast. He holds associated acts with Slipknot, Thunderbolt, Gasoline, Shed and Will Heaven.

Some of the notable work of Chris Fehn:


·         1999: Welcome to Our Neighborhood

·         2002: Disasterpieces

·         2002: Rollerball

·         2006: Voliminal: Inside the Nine

·         2008: Nine: The Making of "All Hope Is Gone"

·         2009: Of the (sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams

·         2010: (sic)nesses

·         2013: Motionless in White - America

Songs of Chris Fehn: Psychosocial, The Devil in I, Before I Forget, Duality, Snuff, XIX, Wait and Bleed, Vermilion, Part 2, Dead Memories, My Plague, The Negative One, Sulfur, Spit It Out, Vermilion, Eyeless, ‘til We Die, People=Shit, The Blister Exists, The Heretic Anthem, Custer, Pulse of the Maggots, Left Behind, Disasterpiece, Surfacing, AOV, Killpop, The Nameless, Drum Solo, Slipknot, I Am Hated and All Hope Is Gone.

All the details of his works are made available in wiki along with his bio. Chris Fehn is a rich man with handsome amount of net worth, but the exact amount of net worth isn’t available in internet. His income from his music is the major source of his economic prosperity. 

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