Roger disappeared from the show during the 13th season in 2017, leaving his fans worried. Though Roger has been actively involved in car shops since his fans are still curious about what he has been up to nowadays.

The early life of Roger Barr & Military Career

Roger Barr was born on January 15, 1936, and grew up in Staten Island. Roger was a car fanatic from the early days he used to play at his neighbours’ garages. As a kid, he dreamt of being an aviation mechanic. Roger graduated in 1953 with his A&E license.

Black & white image of Roger Barr during his racing days. Roger Barr is best known as the mechanic in reality show created by Wayne Carini, Chasing Classic Cars.

While he was stationed in Germany during the 50s, he worked as a mechanic for the United States Air Force. There he worked on planes and was introduced to sports car racing. He served as a backup driver for big-time club racing teams. In those enduro races, he used to race when the top driver’s car broke down.

When he returned home, he worked in different shops and eventually opened The Foreign Car Shop in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Later, he taught engineering students at Brown and University of Hartford for five years each.

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Racing Career of Roger Barr

Roger Barr participated in more then 8 championships during his racing career

Roger started racing in his mid-20s. In 1964 he participated in SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee, where he came second. He has also participated in other races like Trans-Am – TA (1966 and 67), Formula A Continental Championship (1968), US Formula A/F5000 Championship (1969), and SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula F (1970).

Roger’s Friendship with Wayne Carini & Chasing Classic Cars

Roger Barr showing off some work to Wayne Carini

Among Roger’s many customers in the 60s, his most frequent was Wayne Carini’s father, Bob Carini. This was when young Wayne Carini met with Roger. Wayne Carini wrote in one of his blogs,

“I first met Roger when I was about 10 years old. We lived in Glastonbury, Connecticut, where my father ran a body shop and Roger ran the local foreign car repair shop. If Dad was fixing an imported car that needed mechanical work he’d take it to Roger, and if a car at Roger’s shop needed body repairs, it would always end up at Dad’s. That shop of Roger’s was in the center of town, not far from the high school. Sometimes I’d even swing by there to look at the cars before school. Early one morning, the door was unlocked, so I went looking for Roger. Eventually I saw his legs on a creeper, sticking out from under a car. He’d been working late, and he’d fallen asleep beneath it!”

In 2008, Wayne Carini approached Roger Barr to work on his show Chasing Classic Cars, and Roger accepted. Roger was a series regular, having appeared in 43 episodes. Wayne Carini himself hosts the season 15 of the Chasing Classic Cars.

Roger Barr’s Health Issues

In 2017, he was absent from the show for some time, which left many fans worried. He later announced that he was suffering from illness and knee pain.

A screenshot of Roger Barr's Facebook post

Back in August 2017, he was hospitalized due to infections on his leg. He recovered and resumed his work sometime later in November. After a few months, he met with an accident while working at F40 Motorsports, which again led him to the hospital bed.

In 2019, he posted on his Facebook account that he was receiving psychiatric help as well.

What is Roger Barr Doing Now?

Roger Barr currently resides in New England with his wife, Sally Barr.

Roger Barr with his family

Chasing Classic Cars Roger Barr Net Worth

As of 2020, Chasing Classic Cars star Roger Barr has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.