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5 facts about Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer, the much loved Washington Post columnist and all-star panelist of Fox News passed away on June 21, 2018, after complications that followed his surgery in August 2017. The Pulitzer Prize-winning writer’s life and work is no less than an inspirational story, which could become a subject for an emotional Hollywood movie.

Born to immigrants, Schlum and Thea Krauthammer, Charles was an athletic young blood who aspired to greatness. But a tragic diving accident during his time at Harvard Medical School changed his life forever. While most of his fans loved him for his acute observation and strategic commentary, there is a lot about his life that the fans do not know about.

Lost his Brother

Charles Krauthammer had had more than his fair share of tragedies in life. In January 17, 2006, he lost his older brother, Marcel, to brain cancer at the age of 59. Marcel was four years older than Charles, however, where there should have been sibling rivalry, was an inseparable bond of brotherhood and that Marcel taught Charles how to be tough.

Charles  Krauthammer with his older brother, Marcel Krauthammer

Charles recalled, 

If Charlie doesn't play, Marcel doesn't play. I played. From the youngest age he taught me to go one-on-one with the big boys, a rare and priceless gift.

Kind Hearted 

A letter Charles Krauthammer wrote to his friend

As much as Charles liked to admit that he is not a touchy and feely kind of person, his letter to a friend tells us otherwise. Nash Jenkins, a congressional reporter, posted the letter Charles sent to his father after he had a surfing accident that got him paralyzed. In the letter, Charles wrote words of motivation stemming from his own condition of over 45 years. 

Everything you need to know about Charles Krauthammer

Baseball Fanatic

When not busy talking about politics, Charles used to talk about baseball with his friends. He was probably the biggest fan of the Washington Nationals. He was not just a fan but an analyst of the game. His colleague from the National Review and a renowned columnist, George Will, told Bret Baier in 2013 that he and Charles were just two people who wrote about politics to support their baseball habits.

Charles Krauthammer when young

In addition to baseball, Charles was also a Chess player and had to give up his hobby as he said that it was an addiction. 

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Charles Krauthammer is smiling

It is no surprise that Charles made it as the top analytical political commentator in the United States despite his paralysis. However, he did not gain the stature overnight. He resumed his studies immediately after the unfortunate accident without taking any time off and convinced the lecturers in Harvard to give him lessons while he was lying on his hospital bed. He was studying psychiatry at the time.

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Was He In a Wheelchair?

Charles Krauthammer in wheel chair

Many viewers at home did not know he had paralysis and that he was on a wheelchair. Well, it can be understood as he was behind a table during his appearance on TV. But, the surprising fact is that people who worked with him did not know about it either. Sean Hannity, who had been on the air with Charles, was surprised to see him on a wheelchair during a convention in Madison Square Garden.

Rest In Peace, Charles!

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Name Charles Krauthammer
Profession Political columnist
Gender Male
Birthday March 13, 1950
Died at Age of 68 on June 21, 2018
Nationality American
Ethnicity New York City, New York, U.S.
Place of Birth New York City, New York, U.S.
Marital Status Married
Wife Robyn Krauthammer (1974 -)
Children Daniel Krauthammer