[UpdateCharles Krauthammer gives his “final verdict” and says he has few “days to live”]

[Update: Charles Krauthammer Offers a Message Regarding His Health Status Via Bret Baier]

The world has not seen much of Charles Krauthammer lately. Fans are worried about his well being as he has not been active on Twitter since August. He had a surgery and has been recovering from it. 

Charles Krauthammer is having a delayed recovery from the surgery

Renowned columnist Charles Krauthammer became paralyzed after he met with an accident in his youth. Seems like, he is having health problems yet again.

Some of his fans were even unaware of the surgery. After the fans knew about the surgery, they sent him well wishes on Twitter. 

His friend from Fox, Bret Baier, first reported about his surgery on September 6. According to him, Charles’ surgery went well but is having a delayed recovery.

He has been absent from Twitter since August 4, when he tweeted a link to his article on The Washington Post.

Charles Krauthammer in his wheelchair, he has been recovering from a surgery

It was Baier who revealed that Krauthammer was recovering from a recent surgery. Baier tweeted on September 18 that Krauthammer was making a “slow steady progress.”

On October 6, Baier revealed on air on Special Report that Krauthammer is eager to return and will be back on the panel in a few weeks.

We wish him all the best!

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer is out of ICU. 

Charles Krauthammer Offers a Message Regarding His Health Status Via Bret Baier

Charles Krauthammer says he’s out of ICU and still recovering in a heartfelt letter to fans

Is Charles Krauthammer in a life-threatening condition after surgery?

Bret Baier’s latest update on Charles Krauthammer’s surgery [November 14 2017]