[Update: Charles Krauthammer is dead  at 68 due to cancer.]

[UpdateCharles Krauthammer gives his “final verdict” and says he has few “days to live”]


Charles Krauthammer is missing from television and social media, and this has his fans worried.

Charles, who used to be an active user of Twitter, has been absent from the social media since August 2017.

Unaware of Krauthammer’s condition, fans are worried about his well being since he disappeared without any prior notice.

After keeping mum for nearly a month, Krauthammer’s friend Bret Baier has come forward to speak about his condition.

According to Baier, Krauthammer had surgery last month.

The surgery had gone well, but he is having a delayed recovery.

Krauthammer’s life has been challenging ever since he met with an accident during his freshman year in college.

He was severely injured while diving which got him hospitalized for 14 months.

The injuries left him paralyzed permanently, which is why he has been using a wheelchair.

However, his body is not entirely paralyzed; he can speak and move his arms to some extent.

Charles continued his studies after getting out of the hospital and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1975.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist is married to Robyn Krauthammer, a painter/sculptor.

The couple is parents to an adult son named Daniel, who is presumably in his early 30s at present.