These days celebrities seem closer to us than ever. This is essential because they are regularly keeping the whole world updated with their social media posts. There are many interviews, vlogs and blogs, where we can see how their homes are like, and even how their daily routines are. If we used to turn to celebrities for fashion advice and trends, now there are many ways to pull out a few hacks from their lives to make yours better.

1. Professional Help

Two women looking a desktop.

At times, we all wonder how these celebrities can get so much done and look sharp during the whole day. Well, obviously, they have help from professionals. As students, this might be the first hack you have to try out. You might need the acceptance of it before trying out, but there is nothing wrong in seeking help from professionals to achieve certain things.

Students are always overwhelmed with projects and deadlines as it is something that goes beyond test scores. It starts even before you join colleges these days. If you find yourself struggling with putting together a college application essay, don’t hesitate to seek the help of professional writing services. Feel free to ask for assistance with college papers from academic platforms like this one.

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2. Never Stop Learning


Most of the famous actors, still prepare a lot for a potential role. They do character studies and take acting classes if they think they need to deliver their best for the role. Regardless of the years of experience they have,  they still go through all the trouble to bring the best out of themselves.

Student life is the learning phase. But, these days, most of the students wish that they hadn’t asked a question and created a discussion in the classroom. But, that is the best way you can learn something new. Don’t hesitate to learn new things either by asking a question or by getting deeper into something that you are curious about. Even as students, always strive to use your full potential and work hard when you think it’s needed. A second revision or an extra reference wouldn’t hurt if it makes you stand out from the rest of the batch.

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3. Health Hacks

Girl running

Staying fit would be the top agenda of all the celebrities. While being under the camera constantly, anyone would be self-conscious. But to many of them, it is not just the attention that encourages them for fitness

These days, many celebs are promoting healthy body images rather than just being skinny. Not all celebrities chose to lose weight by sticking to some hardcore workout methods. Just try out some healthy approaches. Kristen Bell has this tip to her fans for the healthy lifestyle.

It’s so hard to schedule workouts, so I try to do activities with my friends. Instead of going to the movies on Saturday, we’ll go play Ultimate Frisbee or go hiking with the dogs or go bike riding. Something that’s social, but also gives you a workout.

Kristen Anne Bell

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4. Food Hacks

A girl eating burger and fries

Being healthy doesn’t just come from working out; it comes from conscious ways of eating too. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you to follow some crazy diets. In fact, many celebs love pizza, burger and fries. But, when you eat them, make sure to integrate some healthy hacks with it to balance it out, or half an hour more at the gym.

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5. Beauty Hacks


Celebs, as much as they love saloons, try to stick to natural products to keep their skin fresh. Water and fruits seem to be their best friends for a healthy body and flawless skin. A few amusing tricks like turmeric as toothpaste and olive oil as facewash, are a few things everyone can try. It is definitely much better than bombarding your bodies with cosmetic items that consist of various chemicals.

You may be just sick of celebrity gossips, but you can look up to them as an inspiration in many ways. It’s not necessary that the hacks celebrities follow in their life can always be extravagant. As long as you are wise enough to choose the good and flush out the bad, the celebrities can definitely tell you how to make your life a lot better. In one way or another, following celebrity life hacks can make a student’s life easier. 

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