Hollywood’s fame is such an addiction that those who fail to control the pressure end up being victims to other horrific addictions. Reasons may differ but the result of addiction is common – a fall from grace.

There are those who handed themselves over to alcohol to avoid their career pressures. And there are those who self-medicate to cope with their painful past.

Here we uncover the dark secrets of celebrities troubled with drugs and alcohol addiction and their recovery and treatment procedure. Their journey from stardom to rehab centers and following recovery may serve as an inspiration to those trying to kick the habit. 

Media tends to romanticize addiction and death, which is why we must share recovery stories like that of Demi Lovato and Matthew Perry, who were able to get back on track after an intense period of self reflection and rehabilitation.

The celebrities who lose the battle of drugs and alcohol addiction should be remembered. But it is important to put those celebrities in the limelight who have made the better choice. These are the celebrities who lead by example. Here is a list of 10 celebrities who have battled and recovered from drugs and/or alcohol addiction.