Chris Hansen, the renowned TV journalist was caught red-handed cheating on his wife Mary Joan in 2011; he was found having an extra-marital affair with ex-WPTV news reporter Kristyn Caddell. Despite the scandal, his wife didn’t divorce him though he was fired by NBC.

Chris Hansen caught red handed cheating on wife with Kristyn Caddell at Ritz Carlton Hotel

Chris started his affair with Kristyn Caddell in March 2011. He had been dating her for four months when he was caught red-handed.

His affair with Kristyn came in the spotlight for the first time when he was captured on photograph going on a date with Kristyn at the Ritz-Carlton hotel located in Palm Beach. That night, after having dinner, both left together at Kristyn’s apartment.

The scandal got more heated when he was found exiting Kristyn’s building wearing the same clothes the next morning.

Let’s have a look at the video report on Chris Hansen cheating his wife prepared by a journalist of web series The Young Turks Ana Kasparian and Ben Mankiewicz.

People started to create buzz about his 20 years long marriage with wife, Mary Joan after the news of his relationship with Kristyn came out. However, Chris clearly denied being in love with Kristyn and said the reports were full of hurtful lies.

Kristyn Caddell revealed some intriguing realities about her relation with Chris Hansen and ultimately Chris was fired from NBC

It was only after the breakout of the scandal that Kristyn came to know that Chris had no intention of leaving his wife.

The consequences of the extra-marital affair reflected on both Chris and Kristyn’s professional lives. In fact, both were fired from their jobs.

After the news got published, NBC fired Chris from his job and he had to quit his show, To Catch a Predator as NBC denied to renew the contract.

Likewise, Kristyn revealed that she had been repudiated from the media industry. Almost a dozen major market news channels refused to give her a job.

Even after the scandalous news got published in media, Chris is still married to his wife. It seems that his wife has forgiven her husband’s extra-marital affair.

The former NBC host shares two children with his wife and is presently living with his family in Connecticut.

Chris Hansen showed up on various TV shows after being fired from NBC

Subsequent to being fired from NBC, Chris showed up on various TV shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Today, The Don and Mike Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Glenn Beck Program and others.

In February 2015, he was announced as a host of Investigation Discovery’s new show called Killer Instinct. That year, he announced his plans for hosting new independent TV show Hansen Vs Predator.

On the job in Texas Panhandle. @DiscoveryID #KillerInstinct #IDAddicts

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One of the biggest news scandals of Chris Hansen has passed five years now. The matter seems to have cool down but people still seem to have memories of it. When it comes to talking about Chris Hansen, his love scandal always comes in mind.

Chris is presently residing with his wife and 2 sons. Despite his public affair with Kristyn Caddell, he’s still married to his wife. Professionally, Chris Hansen is focusing on his upcoming TV shows.