Updated: 07/03/2018 03:29 PM | First Published: 07/03/2018 11:49 AM

5 unknown facts about Cash Cab you never knew

What’s better than unknowingly climbing into a cab and finding you’re in a TV game show, where you can get a chance to win money by answering simple trivia questions.

 The hit TV game show, Cash Cab is inarguably the most innovative and interesting game show where the contestants get a chance to win thousands of dollars answering a series of questions.

 As the show is returning to the streets of New York this July, the fans are all delighted. Comic host Ben Bailey is all set to take the wheel once again to give the unsuspecting passengers a memorable ride.

But before you wander on the streets in search of the mysterious cab, here are top 5 facts about the now-defunct show, Cash Cab that you might want to know.

Ben Bailey got a real cab license for the show

It seems that the show’s host Ben Bailey had to go through major training sessions to land the TV show. He was a stand-up comedian and used to work as a limo driver for a living.

Ben Bailey standing with his arms folded, in front of the cab

The TV star took a six-hour driving course, proved his proficiency in English, got doctor’s approval regarding his health, and passed the Taxi and Limousine Commission's cab driver exam to get the license. Phew! That was a lot of work for the star, but with the immense success of the show, the hard work surely paid off well.

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Several international versions of the show exist

Cash Cab host Ben Bailey holding a dog in his hands

After the success of the Cash Cab, several international versions of the show emerged. There are at least 44 versions of the show all over the world. Look it up if your country has got one. Who knows if the cab is crawling on your neighborhood street?

Not all contestants are picked up on the spot

Despite what you see in the show, not all of the contestants are picked up on the spot. But it’s not to say that the show is faked. While some of the contestants are actually from the streets, some are picked up beforehand, but with a little made-up backstory.

Cash Cab host Ben Bailey taking a selfie

A contestant actually admitted that he was approached by the show’s production team saying they are from a show called "When in Rome” and that he was exactly the one their team was looking for.

Undoubtedly, the made-up story helps in keeping the surprise factor alive when the contestants actually find out they are in a real cash winning game show.

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Cheque Cab

Cash Cab host Ben Bailey with the show contestants with cash in their hands

The show is more of cheque cab than cash cab, because the money contestants receive is just for the show. The contestants actually get a check after the show is filmed due to all the tax hassle. The producers surely don’t want to mess with the IRS.

The host Ben Bailey worked as a Comedian

Bailey worked as a bouncer and answered phone calls at The Comedy Store before he was offered to take up the stage as a comedian. He actually started a career as a stand-up comedian in LA. 

Young Ben Bailey standing with folded arms and wearing a smile

When one of the talent bookers mistook him as a comedian after listening to his humorous after-hour stories, he booked him then and there. Talk about luck!

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