Updated: 05/22/2017 04:59 PM | First Published: 05/22/2017 04:52 PM

Secrets to Drew Carey's massive weight loss: Said no to carb diet

Drew Carey then and now. Drew Carey went through a massive weight loss

There are a lot of inspiring stories of celebrities fighting against obesity and ending up on the winning side. One such example is of comedian, Drew Carey. He has battled with various personal problems ranging from depression to heavyweight, but, somehow he has managed to always get back to that happy place. 

His amazing transformation at the age of 52 sets a perfect illustration of, self-confidence and determination. 

What happened to Drew Carey?

In 2001, While hosting his own show The Drew Carey Show, then 108 kg Carey, felt heavy pain in the chest and tingling in his arms. He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with 95% obstructed artery.  A surgery, Angioplasty was performed to cure his condition and he returned to work, a week later. After the surgery, he lost 18 kg.

In his 1997 autobiography, Dirty Jokes and Beer, the comedian had shed light in his lifestyle. He was often involved in parties, drinking and consuming unhealthy foods. With his given body condition and the family history of heart disease, he was lucky to have avoided a heart attack. 

Drew Carey in a plain white t-shirt and a check shirt. Drew went through weight loss in 2010

Aside from his health problems, Drew also suffered from depression that even led to him attempting suicide at the age of 23. Following the early demise of his father when he was 8, he always found it hard to bond with siblings, who were quite older than him. He compensated the loss later in his adult life by overeating and drinking in an unhealthy manner. 

Years later The Price is Right host realized, with this lifestyle of his, he could be facing an early demise and he would even struggle to see himself being around his son Conner graduating from college. With that in mind, he took a determination to change his lifestyle completely.

Drew Carey's swift recovery from obesity: Thanks to his healthy diet

Drew Carey, who was known amongst the people through his long-running show Drew Carey Show and The Price Is Right, used to be seen husky and overweight. He often joked about his obesity, claiming that his fat-laden diets and lack of exercise contributed to all that.

Though he had already lost 40 pounds after angioplasty, he regained more than that. Then, with self-determination, he took the first step by completely altering his diet concentrating on low-fat and low-carb diets like brown rice, chicken, yogurt, egg white and boiled veggies. He completely avoided almost all carbohydrates like pizza, bread, crackers and any starch-based food. 

Drew Carey is looks young and handsome for his age  while attending Veteran Inaugural Balls in January 2017

He completely cut out drinks like coffee, tea, soda and any alcoholic beverages, and drank only water. He still enjoys cheeseburgers and cakes occasionally, but he vows to not drinking alcohol again. He combined his healthy diet habits with fitness programs and spending a long time in the gym every single day. He does cardio twice a day, 45 minutes each time. As a result, he lost 100 pounds over the years going from pant size 44 to 33-34. Startlingly, he transformed to a slender man. 

Drew has also claimed that his low-carb diet has helped him get rid of medication for Type-2 Diabetes. His weight loss story serves hints about how much carbohydrate, a diabetic people should take.

Undergoing a massive weight loss at the age of 52, he sets a perfect example of "It is never too late."