Carolyn Manno works as an American sports journalist at NBC Sports Network. She is also a reporter at NFL review show.

Carolyn Manno was passionate about sports since childhood

Carolyn was born in Florida. While her exact date of birth is not YET disclosed, it is assumed that she was born in 1984. Carolyn was passionate about sports since her early age. She used to be a tomboy and used to pursue sports with great interest. Her childhood interest gave her a successful career in the American sports industry.

Carolyn Manno pursued sports journalism immediately after graduation

Carolyn graduated from University of Florida in telecommunication. She started her career as a reporter at the NBC Universal family in August 2008. Initially she worked as reporter but was hired as a broadcaster on television.

In 2009, Carolyn joined the CSN New England in Stamford as an anchor and reporter. She also served as a contributor to sports update site – the Few of her impressive coverage at the CSN are of Stanley Cup, Super Bowl and NBA Finals performances of the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins.

In addition, Carolyn worked at WSBT-TV in South Bend, Ind for three years. While at the WSBT, she covered popular games like the Chicago Bears, Cubs and White Sox, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Colts.

Highlights of her early career as a reporter include her coverage of one of the most epic fall of Red Sox in 2011. Her impressive coverage also earned her few awards , including the Indiana Spectrum Award and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Sports Journalism.

Carolyn Manno is phenomenal at her current NBC job

Carolyn works as a weekday host at NBCSN. In the past, she served as a host/analyst of the NBC’s Olympic coverage. Some of her exciting projects include the 2014 Sochi Games and Paralympics where she served as a skiing and a Sportsdesk reporter and the 2012 Olympics in London where she served as a Sportsdesk reporter.

Apart from covering big sports events, Carolyn serves as a NBC daytime reporter for American Football Night and Triple Crown horse racing. Beside that, she covers different college football and basketball events. On a regular basis, Carolyn also co-hosts the NASCAR America and anchors the NBC’s Sports Update show.

In 2016, Carolyn was hired for a second time to host the NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Rio Paralympic Games. Definitely a plus point on her career. Way to go girl!

Carolyn Manno is yet to get married and start a family

Carolyn has not married yet. It is also unknown whether she is dating anyone. So, watch out folks! The perfect husband or partner she is looking for could be one of you!

Carolyn stands five feet and seven inches. A tip for all genuinely interested folks: Carolyn is an avid social media user. She has 12.2 K followers at @carolynmanno as of November ’16.
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