Butch Davis, or Wallace McArthur “Butch” Davis, is a former baseball player. Now, he coaches baseball.

Butch Davis, an African American descent, was born on June 19, 1958, in Williamston, North Carolina. The 58 years’ old Butch started his baseball career when there was much hostility going on between the Black and White races in the United States.

Butch Davis is married to the love of his life and has two children. They live in North Carolina. The identities of his father and mother are not yet known to the media. Anyway, his parents did raise Butch through the hard times.

Butch Davis’s career as a baseball player has earned him a handsome net worth

Butch Davis uses right in both batting and throwing. He started into the Major League Baseball on August 23, 1983, for Kansas City Royals. This opportunity was a huge one for Davis’ baseball career. And, Butch was indeed able to achieve great while in the Kansas City Royals.

Then, in 1987, he joined the Pittsburgh Pirates. Likewise, Butch played for Baltimore Orioles from 1988 to 1989 and for Los Angeles Dodgers in 1991.

The last time he played for is the Texas Rangers (1993-1994). Butch Davis has earned a handsome net worth – good enough to keep him going for a few years.

Butch Davis recently got fired from Minnesota Twins

Butch Davis had been coaching the Minnesota Twins since he retired from professional baseball career. After an upsetting 103-loss season, coach Butch has been fired from his job along with hitting coach tom Brunansky.

New head coach said – “Bruno and Butch were great workers for the organization, but as we worked through and thought about the criteria and characteristics we wanted from our staff, we felt we wanted to upgrade in those two spots. We talked with both of them. They were incredibly professional, as I would have expected. They are high-class individuals from everything I have learned.”

While it might come as a bad news for his family, Davis Butch will definitely be able to find another coaching job, considering the demand in the market.

Butch Davis acquired awards and discipline from his baseball career

Butch Davis has received several awards for his contribution as a baseball player. However, most of those awards have been from his high school and college baseball team. After that, no records of awards have been disclosed.

Davis, at the same time, earned a sense of discipline and self-satisfaction after long years of a baseball career. Standing in front of the crowds with tons and tons of hopes on himself, Butch learned to gather confidence and focus on the target – of course, a home run.