Brooke Burke’s husband and daughters’ support was the reason behind the quick recovery from cancer. Married twice, Brooke is living healthy and happy life with her large family. It’s amazing that Brooke has been stronger than ever, upon defeating cancer.

Looking at Brooke Burke, no-one would have ever guessed that she underwent treatment for thyroid cancer, a few years back. Counting herself amongst the luckiest one, the mum-of-four, Brooke says, “I’m so lucky that everything went well & I’m healthy now, back to work. Everything’s great”.

Not to forgot, her supportive children & loving husband were her backbones when she was going through life challenging phase i.e. cancer.

The forties for Brooke started out rough: life-threatening cancer battle

The gorgeous co-anchor of Dancing with the Stars may have undergone surgery for thyroid cancer in December 2012 but she’s fortunate enough that she caught the disease in the early stage. Her immediate reaction may have saved her life.

Earlier in 2012, Brooke broke down upon discovering a noticeable lump on her thyroid which turned out to be cancerous. Brooke said “I had no symptoms. It was crazy. Not one. Never felt better”, as the lump was discovered during routine physical.

The diagnosis was quite a shock for then-41-year-old Brooke Burke. Following her surgery to remove all the cancerous lump, she advised & shares her life-changing experience, saying “Care for yourself, especially as you get into your 40s. Always get your annual physical & mammograms”.

She added “Physically I feel better today than I did in my thirties. I fell like there is a number of reasons: I know myself better. I have boundaries, louder voices & I know myself as woman”.Here is an interview where Brooke gets real about her cancer and thyroid diagnosis.

Happy Marriage! Brooke Burke-Charvet and David Charvet

Brooke has been married twice, but her married life with her second husband David Charvet is just picture perfect. And her four children, three beautiful daughters & one son, whose age range from 4 to 12, complete the family.

My daughters supporting @operationsmile it’s a family affair. Committed #untilweheal 1 at a time #Malibu Mommy & Me

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Brooke and David started dating in 2006 & in August of 2011, the two were officially declared husband and wife. While they were living together, the couple had two children: a daughter named Heaven Rain in 2007 & Shaya Braven in 2008.

Brooke is now enjoying a loving nuptial with her husband David, but there is something this woman regret, i.e. divorce. “I regret having a marriage that didn’t work because divorce is ‘forever’ for children,” says Brooke, who was earlier married to Garth Fisher, a plastic surgeon. Brooke and Garth together have two gorgeous girls: Neriah and Sierra.

From cancer diagnosis to surgery, the couple endured it all together. Brooke Burke and her husband, David Charvet, make a gorgeous couple & their relationship has come a long way by staying faithful to each other.