Brooke Baldwin, one of the most noticeable and popular news anchor, is married to husband Jay since 2010. The couple has not become parents to any children till date. 

 The couple who has been sharing good times as partners are bonding same even after marriage.The love and affection have grown with the time which shows no possibility of separation.

Allegedly, a year back in 2015, some sources claimed that Brooke is pregnant and is going to deliver her first child in early 2016. 

In contrast, some other sources revealed the news that the couple was having some sort of fertility problems because of which they would not be able to rear any children. 

As indicated by some close friends and family of Brooke, it came into news that she will soon be giving birth to her first kid in spring of 2016. But till date, there is no news about her giving birth to a baby. Maybe the due date of delivery has not arrived or the pregnancy news might be a complete hoax. 

Brooke Baldwin is a prominent name of American news world who first began her career working at WVIR-TV. Since beginning her reporting career, she has come a long way and made amazing progress. She is currently filling in as a host of CNN’s news show CNN Newsroom


She must be  charging a  hefty amount of salary from working at CNN. Any specific information regarding her true salary and net worth figure are still missing. However, it is estimated that her net worth amount is around $1 million.


Being one of the admired faces in the television industry, Brooke Baldwin’s professional as well personal life affairs have always attracted a wider public. Although the reported has been open about several matters related to her career and family, she seems to have sealed her lips regarding babies and net worth.

As of now, Brooke Baldwin is spending splendid moments with her loving husband and does not seem to have planned anything about extending the family. Any news and recent updates about Brooke Baldwin can be obtained from her Twitter @BrookeBCNN.