Debby Ryan, broadly perceived as Jessie Prescott of Disney Channel series Jessi, broke up with boyfriend Josh Dun two years back in September 2014. Fans are excited to know who she is dating at present? Let’s examine her relationship history together with her net worth.

Debby Ryan short love moment with Josh Dun and an abusive relation with an unrevealed guy

Ryan started dating Josh Dun, a musician, and drummer of the musical duo Twenty One Pilots in May 2013. After dating a year, they separated in September 2014.

she doesn’t like puns.

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Let’s check out this video where she revealed how she met Josh and fell in love with him. She also shared her view on love and relationships.

What exactly happened between them that resulted end their relation? Has she found any other guy or some other reason rolling behind their separation? The answers to the questions are still unsolved.

While Debby was in a relationship with Josh Dun, there was another guy with whom she had an abusive relation. She said that she was not even dating that guy. Debby’s mysterious friend used to behave in an abusive manner with her. He used to punch the wall, shout and throw the phone at her.

At that time, Dun supported and gave her encouragement to deal with the situation in a calm way. Debby revealed that Josh helped her a lot to get out of the situation.

Single at present, Debby had romantic relationship with many big celebrity stars

Ryan had dated some big names before starting a romantic relationship with Dun. She is a beautiful, hot and appealing lady, so who wouldn’t fall in love with her. Debby is quite active on Instagram. Check out her adorable picture which she shared on

Debby is quite active on Instagram. Check out her adorable picture which she shared on the Instagram, a couple of months back.

Reportedly, her first love relation surfaced in the media in 2008 when she began dating young American actor, Jason Dolley. She dated him for a year from 2008 to January 2009.

Soon after breaking up with Jason, her next romantic relation began with a famous voice actor, Sean Marquette. But she didn’t become able to sustain her relation with Sean for a long time and it ended in November 2009.

She was also dating dashing English actor, Gregg Sulkin during 2009. The two were together for almost a year from February 2009 to January 2010.

At present, she seems very close to Hollywood Editor and author of a memoir The Gilded Razor. Three weeks back, she shared a picture along with Sam on Instagram. Check out the picture.

Some months back, she was seen getting close with renowned American actor, Spencer Boldman. But since, none of them have admitted being in a relationship, Debby Ryan is tagged single at the moment.

Love relation of Debby and Spencer was created in twitter when one of their fans tweeted- why doesn’t he get married to Debby? In a funny conversation, both famous stars took part where Spencer put marriage proposal and Debby accepted to get married to him. But in reality, they were not serious.

It’s been two years since she broke up with ex-boyfriend Josh Dun and still she has not found another ideal partner. Young talented actress, Ryan’s current estimated net worth amount is $925 thousand dollars. The amount would surely expand in the days to come as Debby Ryan is devoting full time to her work.