From fashion and dining to social graces and disciplining kids and pets, there are loads of protocol that royalty have to abide. The Royal Family net worth is the much-discussed topic in the world. Looking all those crowns, jewels, gowns and enormous properties, you might wonder how they make their money. Behind the lavish lifestyle lies the old money, to be precise, centuries-old money. As the royal family continues to grow, let’s check out how much each member is worth.

1. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Duke of Cambridge and his family

While the net worths of Prince William and Princess Kate’s three kids are undetermined, they have already generated billions. Prince George has made more than $3 billion in the British economy, all mostly from what he wears. As a girl’s fashion is much larger than boys, Princess Charlotte is estimated to have generated $3.85 billion for the economy. However, Prince Louis lags far behind his siblings with about $125 million

2. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie and  Jack Brooksbank. Princess is wearing a blue dress and Jack is wearing a suit.

Princess Eugenie, the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, was already worth near $5 million before her marriage. After marriage, Princess Eugenie and her successful businessman husband are collectively worth anywhere between $5 and $10 million.

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3. Zara Phillips

Zara Philips riding a horse

Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne and the eldest granddaughter of the Queen, who is without a royal title, is worth $20 million. Alongside a trust fund, the Olympian equestrian’s income also comes from a jewelry line, endorsement deals and other things that the working royals aren’t allowed to do.

4. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markel

You may be known about the fact that Meghan Markle was an established actress before she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex. Reportedly, she made around $50k per episode of Suits, and other sources of her income included a lifestyle website and clothing collections. Now, a working royal, Meghan has a net worth of around $5 million.

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5. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry waving his hand

Prince Harry is estimated to have worth around $40 million, part of which includes $14 million, which he inherited from the will of his mother, late Princess Diana. Additionally, he was paid $45k in salary from his service in the British Army Air Corps. The Duchy of Cornwall pays out $9m annually for all of their official expenses and obligations.

6. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Duchess Kate

Prince William riding a motorcycle

Prince William, who is second in the line of succession to the throne, has an estimated net worth of $40 million. His wealth comes from an inheritance from his late mother, Princess Diana and trust set up by the Queen Mother. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, receives a salary from the queen as a working royal and has collected a net worth of around $7 to $10 million.

7. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Countess Sophie

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Countess Sophie waving hands at the crowd.

The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, the fourth child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has an estimated net worth of $45 million. Both Princess Edward and his wife, Countess Sophie are working royals. So, the majority of their wealth comes from the salary from the queen and a trust fund.

8. Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Prince Andrew walking happily with umbrella on his hand

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, the third child of Queen Elizabeth I and Prince Philip, has an estimated net worth of $75 million. The sources of his income include a yearly salary of $408k, a trust fund and pension from the Navy.

9. Princess Anne

Princess Anne holding a flower bouquet

Princess Royal, Anne, the only daughter of the Queen and Prince Philip, has a net worth of $30 million, which comes from a royal trust fund and yearly salary given by her mother.

10. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla

The eldest son of the Queen and Prince Philip, Charles, the Prince of Wales has a whopping net worth of $400 million. His wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has a personal net worth of $5 million.

11. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip sitting on a chair

The Queen’s husband of more than 7 decades, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh has a net worth of $30 million. Now, Prince Phillip has retired from his public duties. Previously, he was receiving an annual salary of $459k as a working royal.

12. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth waving her hand

Queen Elizabeth II, who has been on the throne since 1953, has a vast net worth of somewhere between $425 to $550 million. She has also collected millions from the Duchy of Lancaster, from the Sovereign Grant and has a vast art and jewelry collection.


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