One of the most popular names of American journalism universe, Bret Baier is best known as a host of Fox News Channel’s popular show Special Report with Bret Baier. The famous news anchor Bret Baier is currently associated with Fox News Channel.

Bret Baier was born on August 4, 1970, in New Jersey. Born into a Jewish family, he moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia when he was just ten years old. Bret’s educational journey began at Marist High School and received his university degree from DePauw University in 1992 with a major in Political Science and English.

Receiving the first break at WRAL-TV, Bret is presently serving Fox News

The mainstream name of the present media sector, Bret had a special interest in television broadcasting field since his early days. He used to participate in various programs while he was in school.

Bret got his first professional break at WRAL-TV which was the CBS affiliate station based in North Carolina. Then after few years, he was provided a golden opportunity to work at Atlanta Bureau when he sent his audition video to Fox News in the year 1998. Later, he was transferred to Washington from the Bureau.

In 2007, Baier was promoted as the White House Reporter which gave him the opportunity to present a report on President George Bush’s professional activities.

His incredible work as a reporter on the Pentagon Attack of 9/11, 2012 Presidential election campaign and others news report from Afghanistan took his professional journey from amateur to professional.

Bret Baier has conducted many interview programs in his career. He is mostly known for conducting interviews with the famous personalities like President Geroge Bush, Barack Obama, and the then Vice-president Dick Cheney.

Presently, he is serving as the host of the popular Fox News Channel’s news show called Special Report with Bret Baier. In addition to this, he is also working as the chief political anchor at the channel.

Dashing Bret Baier still looks adorable even after crossing 40

Despite crossing 40 years of age, Bret is still considered as one of the charming and impressive anchors in Fox News Channel. His unique interviewing skills and news presenting ability have made him the favorite anchor of many people.

Likewise, his dashing personality is a key factor which has taken him to such heights in his career. He is watched by nearly two million viewers every night, that’s really unbelievable.

Baier’s name is considered as one of the most influencing names in the recent media world. His true dedication to his work is admired by many people. With having the height of nearly six feet and not over weighted body shape, he really looks adorable on the television screen.

Recent buzzes about his weight loss of around 48 pounds have made him even more popular in the media sector. His outstanding dressing sense and great skill of presenting the show is truly appreciable.

Bret Baier is an ideal husband and father

Talking about Bret’s relationship status, he is a married man. His small family includes his wife Amy Baier and two sons – Paul and Daniel. Although Bret is a career-oriented, his family matters a lot to him.

Bret is appreciated for his ideal behavior toward his sons and wife. He had a harsh time when his 1st kid Paul was experiencing a heart issue. The love, care, and support which the family members share with each other have helped them overcome such bad times.

Famous news anchor, Bret Baier’s huge salary and net worth earning

Bret Baier has been able to manage his personal and professional life in a great way. His contribution towards his work is loved and praised by all his employers.

Considering his great reporting skills, his employers are paying him a handsome salary amount. Bret receives $7 million annually with which he is spending a luxurious life. By the end of 2015, he has accumulated total net worth of $16 million.

More interesting facts of Baier can be obtained from Wikipedia or Fox’s official website as well. He can be likewise followed on Twitter @BretBaier to get in touch with his recent activities.