Brandi Passante (born on May 16, 1980) is a television personality, best recognized as a pivotal member of A&E series, Storage Wars. She has also appeared on Storage Wars‘ spin-off Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the job along with her childrenWhat is her net worth in 2018? Scroll down to know the details!

What is Brandi Passante’s Net Worth?

Brandi Passante started her career as a businesswoman with her long-time partner, Jarrod Schulz operating an auction store Now and Then Second Hand Store, in Orange County, California. The store provides a handful of rare and hard-to-find items. Prior to that, she used to work for a carpet cleaning company with her now-boyfriend Jarrod.

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Brandi got her huge break after she was cast as one of the members of the A&E’s reality show, Storage Wars. She swiftly won the heart of viewers with her distinct style of cash-only auction bidding, being loud, combative, and chaotic. She and her partner, Jarrod are also entitled as the “young guns” of the show. With the success of the show, the duo, later on, launched their new second-hand outlet in Long Beach.

Brandi is looking gorgeous on the outfit. She is posing like a model with her hands on waist and crossed legs looking straight towards the camera.

Brandi along with her partner and children has also appeared in the Storage Wars‘ spin-off, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the job. The show presents the glimpse of the popular couple’s life, outside the of the auction game. 

Back in the past, she was once in the legal battle with infamous digital p*rn provocateur after she was falsified in a video. In 2013, she registered a case for $2.5 million in charges against Moore, creator of an adult website, Is Anyone Up who leaked fabricated n*de video and photos of her on Facebook and website. She won the lawsuit, but was rewarded with only $750.

As a successful businesswoman and her career as a reality star, she has accumulated an impressive net worth of $2 million.

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Brandi Passante’s Relationship with Long Term Boyfriend, Jarrod Schultz

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz got widespread recognition from the TV reality show Storage Wars. Brandie and Jarrod were seeing each other before they appeared on the show. They worked together in a carpet cleaning company prior to entering the show.

Brandi Passante and her family in the show Brandie and Jarrod: married to work. It is a family portray of Brandi where they stand in line in a staircase.

Brandi, being a down to earth person that she is, was the first one to approach her boyfriendDespite being in a relationship for more than fifteen years, the pair isn’t married yet. But the two do share two childrenPeyton and Cameron.

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Five facts you need to know about Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante is well-recognized as a key member of the A&E series, Storage Wars.

She presents loud, colorful and ridiculous personalities on the show and yet she has been a fan favorite.

Here are five things apart from her ‘Storage Wars’ life, you probably didn’t know about her.

Mother of two

She and Jarrod Schulz (also appears on Storage Wars) have been dating for over 15 years but have not married yet.

The couple shares two children: a son, Camren and a daughter, Payton.

Before fame

It has been reported that she worked as a stripper in clubs in and around Orange County.

Before making it into TV, she worked in carpet cleaning company with her current partner, Jarrod.

Passionate about cooking

Brandi thinks that a successful career as a chef may be waiting for her in another life.

In fact, she is a Sicilian, and we believe that she is an expert at cooking various recipes including her favorite, chicken stroganoff.

Won defamation case

In 2013, Brandi won a $750 lawsuit against Hunter Moore, creator of an adult website, Is Anyone Up.

Moore leaked fabricated n*de video and lewd photos of Brandi on Facebook and the website.

Suffers from escalatophobia

Escalators save time and energy, but Brandi has a fear of escalators.

Craziest part: The reality star is actually fears that the escalator will eat her toes.