Big Chief leaving Street Outlaws rumors has been surfaced all over at present. Is he really leaving the show? Find out the truth.

Is Big Chief leaving Street Outlaws?

Big Chief’s exit from Discovery’s Street Outlaws has been in headlines at present. There are rumors that suggest Big Chief is leaving the show for internal disputes and contract issues. He has been a constant and significant member of the show since its debut.

Big Chief sitting with his car The Crow in the background

Big Chief is a father to two! Brief bio of Big Chief

Chief entered the show in 2013 as one of the street racers and since then has been appearing consistently in the show. The show is running successfully in its tenth season which premiered on 27th November 2017. The season’s finale is predicted to be on 22nd January 2018.

Big Chief’s absence on few of Street Outlaw’s’ episode has triggered the rumors of his exit from the show. While the truth is, Big Chief is not leaving the show, he will be appearing in the later episodes of the season. Also, the channel cannot take a risk of losing Chief as he plays a significant role in increasing the rating of the show.

For all the Big Chief’s follower, its time to take a sigh of relief, your host is not taking your leave any time sooner.