As the penultimate episode of season 7 is nearing, fans got a feast. They have been waiting for this moment for 7 seasons, a fight North of the Wall.

The episode sees every misfits and tough guys from the Seven Kingdoms beyond the wall trying to capture a member of the death army to present it to Queen Cersei, as a proof. As the group gets stuck fighting the army of the dead, Jon Snow seeks help of Daenerys and her dragon children.

Dany complies despite Tyrion’s effort to stop her. Back in Winterfell, Arya confronts Sansa for her betrayal to their father, Ned Stark. Daenerys attacks the white walkers and in the process, one of her dragons get killed and Jon Snow is left for dead. In the final moment, uncle Benjen magically appears to help Jon escape, and gets killed instead.