Bernie Kopell Net Worth

By Sara Simpson

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A professional character actor, Bernard Morton Kopell who is known commonly as well as famously as Bernie Kopell is one of the greats in the acting industry. He is of American nationality and the one man who proved to the world that character acting is also a vital part of the acting industry and one can be famous with it. Born on the 21st of June, 1933 in the heart of Brooklyn, he was said to have been very mischievous during his childhood days and could not stop his acts till he graduated high school. He still peeps back to remember his wonderful carefree days. As per him, his loving parents and his supportive sibling were the foundations to his career and without their support he would not be standing where he stands today.

 Bernie has been in the hearts of the millions for over two decades and still does not fail to impress his fans and supporters. His ever-known famous role as Siegfried in the series Get Smart is still the golden touch of his career. Kopell's work in the critically acclaimed ABC's series named 'The Love Boat' has to be one of its kind when he played Dr. Adam Bricker and played it with such elegance that he set his home soil of Brooklyn on high alert to watch the series. Once he took the stage, he did not relinquish it that easily as back to back hit-movies like The Cutter, Miss Cast Away, Bug Buster, First Dog and the sequel to his first successful movie Get Smart, Again, did keep him waving his flag high. He then took a step onto the roles of the Television series which once again was a super hit as both his fans as well as his critics were awe-struck with his performance.

Bernie Kopell has the net-worth of around $15 million and he is one of the successful actors in the acting industry who can still amuse yet feel good about his acting skill.