One of the most renowned personnel in the history of the American film industry, Lee Unkrich who is commonly known as Lee has been the charmer of the nation of over a decade now. Setting up a respective identity from the animated super-hit film Finding Nemo and then going on to direct the films like Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story was the major outlook of Unkrich's life. Not only this, he has graced the ever famous animated Braganza named Toy Story 3 with an astounding directorial appearance that has got him many acclaims from his critics.

Born on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio to the famous Unkrich couple, Lee was said to have had the instincts of film and acting in him from his early childhood. Unkrich is of American nationality yet had not spent considerable time on his home town for his father had to settle on different states as his career demanded him to do so. His younger brother did state Unkrich as their guardian beside his father as he was the first child of the two. His father's travelling had him spend his childhood in different states where he did continue with his education and joined the multi-million business later.

Unkrich's role was as a vital part of Pixar's hit series which later was his breakthrough as an aspiring young director. His role was famous even among his critics who did applause him for his dedication towards animated films. His dedications and skills then led him to grab the challenging role of the director in the film Toy Story 3 where he got nominated and later awarded in various of the Choice Awards.

Lee Unkrich's net-worth is $215 million and it has been known that a part of his income has been used to and for the charity that Lee thinks will inspire the children who possess the extraordinary talents.