Bea Alonzo has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 million, earning a high salary from her acting projects. She also earns a lot of money by endorsing various brands on her social media.

Please look at every nook of Bea Alonzo’s house and find out which brands she uses.

After living in a condominium for several years, Bea finally bought a home for herself in Quezon City in 2014. She always desired to experience living in a bigger space like in a sophisticated hotel, and when the chance came, she did not wish to compromise on any details of the house.

Bea Alonzo was promoting beautedermcorporation
Bea Alonzo was promoting beautedermcorporation. Source: Instagram

She had hired interior designer Jeizele Delos Reyes-Go to help turn her visualization into reality. As per her requirements, Jeizele added the comfort of Asian resorts and glossy finishes to the house’s interior design.

The living room and powder room of the house Bea Alonzo owns

The living room of Bea Alonzo's house in Quezon City.

The home’s façade looks grand and imposing, while the inside is warm and cozy. The living room, painted all-white, is adorned by a Bo Concept cowhide area rug, Origins Home Furniture sofa-set, a metal sculpture by Michael Cacnioand, an abstract painting by National Artist awardee Arturo Luz, a necklace inspired chandelier from Shop InStyle and a baby grand piano.

Bea Alonzo's house's powder room.

The powder room looks even more imposing with an intricate mirror frame, a glowing water basin, and golden mosaic tiles.

Hallway, The Kitchen and the Dining Room

The hallway of Bea Alonzo's house.

The walls of the hallway passage, inlaid with golden-pearly mosaic tiles from HM Trading Philippines and a small chandelier is sure to make anyone feel like they’re walking in a palace, even if it’s for a moment.

The dining room of Bea Alonzo's house.

The dining hall has ten sophisticated upholstered chairs from Origins Home Furniture. The table is uniquely designed with a rough edge to give a natural effect to the wood. At the same time, the Victoria Mondiale crystal chandelier adds charm to the table’s glossy surface.

The kitchen of Bea Alonzo's house

The kitchen is fully equipped with appliances and is a paradise for any foodie or cook. It has a built-in microwave and convection oven, an ice cream maker and an espresso machine. It also has a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall.

Office and walk-in closets of the house

The office room of Bea Alonzo's house

Alonzo has established a small office on the ground floor of her home. Equipped with modern conveniences like a Mac desktop and LED TV, the room has old motifs like the phonograph and manual typewriter. The custom-made tufted furniture is once again from Origins Home Furniture.

The walk-in closets in Bea Alonzo's house

Alonzo has two spacious walk-in closets – one for her dresses and accessories only and the other for bags and shoes. Her shoe collection includes brand names like Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Prada, and YSL, while her bag collection includes Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, and Gucci.

Entertainment Room and the Bedroom of the house owned by Bea Alonzo

The entertainment area in Bea Alonzo's house

Alonzo calls the entertainment area the second living room and claims it to be the favorite place in the home. Like her living room, the cowhide area rug here is from Bo Concept, and the furniture is from Origins Home Furniture.

The master bedroom of Bea Alonzo's house

Her main bedroom has a custom-made wingback queen-size bed centered in the room. It has heavy drapes to prevent the sunlight from entering the room to ensure that Bea has a sound sleep after returning home from unpredictable working hours. Like the major part of the house, Bea got her chandelier for this room from Victoria Mondiale. The house’s master bathroom is attached to this room.

Sauna and the Pool

Bea Alonzo's house has an outdoor pool and sauna

The major attraction of Bea’s house would be the sauna and the pool. She has installed a mini sauna inside her home and has an outdoor pool in the backyard. Isn’t it cool to have such accommodations inside the home? It would save a lot of time for someone like Bea, who barely gets time for herself after working.

Looking at Bea’s lavish home and lifestyle, anyone can assume how big her salary must be.

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