Aziz Ansari was amazed to see his dad Shoukath Ansari perform the reel-life parent in the sitcom Master of None. Next to that, the exciting news is his mother Fatima Ansari also appeared on the show. Aziz, the American actor and comedian have a net worth of $18 million.

Real life father of Aziz Ansari, Shoukath Ansari amazes the viewers

For the series Master of None, Aziz’s own creation, he needed an artist to play the role of his father in one season. The series unit auditioned many actors for the role. However, after trying out numerous performing artists, they later decided to take his own father for the role.

In an episode Parents, Shoukath played as a migrant American whose scene were taken from Shoukath‘s genuine life venture from the Zipper factory in the Indian Village to America.

Shoukath’s outstanding deliverance of jokes in South Indian accent garnered huge attention to him. Amazingly, the 2016 Emmy nomination astonished Aziz as his father was enlisted for the nomination.

Aziz Ansari’s happiness had no bound when he saw his dad on the Billboard for an Emmy Award and he expressed his happiness through his Instagram as “Never thought I’d see an Emmy billboard up for my dad.”

Never thought I’d see an Emmy billboard up for my dad

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Despite the fact that Shoukath had never acted before, he has done a great work and the series Master of Nonehas become a massive hit.

How much Aziz Ansari has earned during his professional tenure?

Aziz Ansari, originally from Tamil Nadu, India, is a well-perceived comedian and actor. He has made his charm in the TV world through his exceptional performance in the NBC’s Parks and Recreation and Master of None. For his role in his own creation Master of None, he has for been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the best actor.

Aziz is counted as one of the standout comedians. Throughout his successful career, Aziz Ansari has succeeded to accumulate a net worth of $18 million.