Ashley Biden

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Ashley Biden is the youngest child and only daughter of the former Vice President of the U.S. Joe Biden and his second wife Jill Biden

Quick Facts About Ashley Biden

Name Ashley Biden
Profession Celebrities Relatives
Gender Female
Birthday June 08, 1981
Age 36 Years Old
Star Sign Gemini

Joe Biden, after losing his first wife Neilia Hunter and 3-month old daughter Naomi in a car accident was about to abandon his career while he was one of the youngest U.S. Senators. However, other politicians convinced him somehow. Eventually, his five-years of troublesome life led to a meeting with school teacher Jill Tracy Jacobs, who’s now an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College. 

Joe and Jill tied the knot in 1977 that followed the birth of Ashley in 1981 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. She is the only child of Joe and Jill together. She has two older half-brothers from her father’s previous marriage including 1969-born Joseph R. III (Beau Biden) and 1970-born R. Hunter. Joseph died of brain cancer in 2015. 

Ashley attended Tulane University but later earned Masters of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. Now, she is a social worker, & Career Development and education liaison in education office for Delaware Department of Services for Youth, Children and their families. There, she develops programs for children in foster care, juvenile justice, and mental health systems. She has launched a hoodie line called Livelihood x Gilt partnering with

As of 2012, she has been married to Pennsylvania plastic surgeon Howard Krein. The couple spent quality times together about two years after her late brother Beau Biden (Delaware Attorney General) introduced them in 2010. Currently, they reside happily in Philadelphia. 

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