After dating for almost two years, the lovely couple got married and as we all know their wedding wasn’t a hush-hush one. It was just a lavish celebration held in 2004 on a wooden yacht at Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club, Canada. And within the following three years, the couple were blessed with two adorable sons together.

In the photo, the couple looks happy enough with their family, but eventually, their relation failed the test of time & they got a divorce.

Not a Happily Ever After: Ashleigh Banfield and Howard Gould divorce

As a popular saying goes by ‘there isn’t always a happy ending’. But, for all we know, Ashleigh and Howard were a happy couple until their nuptial ended with a sad divorce.

We don’t know what exactly went wrong and broke the couple up after all they hit it off in such a film-like romance. However, their separation wasn’t a nasty one, which could have garnered some attention, but since we have no details, not even a date of divorce, things perhaps have been amicable.

Marriage and divorce are personal choices, but Ashleigh and Howard’s divorce leaves us wondering why the beautiful couple didn’t success to hold on their fairy tale beginnings. Whatever might be the reason, Ashleigh Banfield seems happy and that is what counts.

Ashleigh Banfield has divorced! The story of how Ashleigh met her ex-husband Howard Gould, seems iconic even that now they are divorced. And their divorce came as surprise for many.

Although Ashleigh Banfield is quite a popular television reporter and journalist, there isn’t much published about her personal life. Ashleigh seems to keep her personal life profile very confidential. Her interviews and news in tabloids are filled with her discussion of her work but there hasn’t been any talk about her real life anywhere.

But, that is entirely fine because we will try to fill up the gaps for you.

Ashleigh Banfield’s fairy tale marriage to Howard Gould: Big-fat Wedding, Husband, and Married Life

Ashleigh Banfield encountered her future husband in Central park when both of them were walking their dogs. Whilst their union seemed to have commenced in a dramatic way, it ended in a divorce.

Apparently, people do meet while walking their dogs & sometimes they even get talking and which is clearly what happened with Ashleigh and Howard. Can it be love at first sight? Well, we don’t know and only Howard and Ashleigh could tell, but they definitely began dating after that first encounter.