29 years-old Anthony Padilla is currently in a relationship with social media personality Miel Bredouw. The twosome began dating each other since May 2015. Renowned by her celebrated name Mielmonster, Miel and her beau often share Vlog and their pictures on social sites like Twitter and Instagram. 

The lovey-dovey couple first shared their Vlog titled “I went to Tulum” on 22nd May 2016 in Padilla’s channel Anthony Padilla. A month later in June 2016 the couple shared their second Vlog titled “I travelled to China (town)”.

Despite being a celebrated name, Padilla has decided not to share details of his personal life with the media. Unlike his previous relation, he is yet to openly talk about his relationship with Miel. 

Prior to his relation with Miel, the Smosh hotshot was formerly engaged to Youtuber Kalel Cullen. They began dating each other since October 2010 and exchanged the rings in June 2013. However, they called their relation off a year later in November 2014. 

They announced the news of their separation through a Youtube video titled ‘’Going Our Separate Ways”. Providing further insight to their separation Kalel said “It’s been hard for us. We’ve actually been separated for almost a month. That’s why we might not seem super depressed”.

The duos ended their relation with mutual understanding and remained good friends until October 2016 when Padilla stated that his former companion was ‘Toxic’ and ‘Manipulative’. Speaking about his new video ‘My Life Has Really Changed’ Padilla said “I was in a manipulative relation with somebody at that time. I now feel she was using me.”

His comments came two years after his amicable separation with then girlfriend Cullen. His comments not only surprised his fans but also surprised his former partner. “He saw me cry about this and knows in his heart that I wasn’t using him. It’s so hurtful. Why would you bring me up two years later? Is it drama to boost your channel?” Cullen said about Padilla’s comments. Well, the friendship that seemed sweet in the beginning seems to have turned sour at the moment. 

Renowned for his Emo Hairstyle, smartness and his maturity, Anthony Padilla is one of the hottest YouTubers out there. His tall height of 5 feet 11 inches and his weight of 72 kg perfectly comply with his athletic body type. The ‘Smosh’ star often likes to share his shirtless pictures in his social account, much to the delight of his female followers.