Updated: 06/20/2017 12:37 PM | First Published: 08/23/2016 01:07 PM

Amanda Freitag husband-less life raised many eyebrows, Is she lesbian?

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Amanda Freitag is still unmarried and living a husband-less life. A famed chef and TV personality, Freitag has been placed in the middle of gossip floors many times surrounded with the questions concerning her sexual orientation.

Being chased by paparazzi, she has often been questioned about her relationship profile. Having no stable man in her life, Amanda is still in the market loving nothing other than culinary arts.

These days, there has not been any buzz about her tying up with any hunks. The report has it that during 2011 she was dating someone. The identification of the man is yet to be revealed and their relationship profiles too. It is still unclear if the allegation was just a rumor or she really shared her chemistry with the mystery man.

Despite being in the age bar of mid-forties, her unmarried status has led her fans to question her sexuality. Is the woman whom you see often on Food Network a lesbian? Such types of buzz created by the gossip media led her fans to think about it.

In regards to her personal life, she has been quite protective. Preferring to keep her family and relationship profile out of media limelight, she hasn’t talked much about it. Though she hasn’t dated any hunk publicly, some pictures hanging on the internet shows like there must be something between these couples.

Following the fact that she is a celebrity and even a minor happening of her life is publicized by media, once a picture came out revealing a man named Gennaro Pecchia kissing her in the midst of a blissful party. Seemingly happy in the picture, Amanda and Gennaro haven’t been caught together since then.

Similarly, another picture that went viral spoke a real romantic story of her with Bruce Seidel. The rumor didn’t end at that time because Bruce also wrote in Twitter “@amandafreitag You Always look FAB!!”

Amanda and Aaron Sanchez were spotted several times attending parties together. Apparently, in the photograph, they were real couple posing romantically.

It’s been so far two decades, that she has shared a love with the cooking. While the delicious dishes have been a part of her life, still there has been no one in her life who could fulfill the space of her Mr. Perfect.

We know for sure, Freitag has always been sharing a strong bond with culinary arts but her personal life is still a mystery. Public believe that Amanda Freitag is living a life without husband just because she prioritizes her career more than anything till this time.