Australian journalist Amanda Drury is one of the renowned names in the American media industry. An expertise in finance and business programs for CNBC, Drury garnered wide admiration from news shows Squawk Box and Cash Flow. Also, she was a co-anchor of Power Lunch and Street Signs

Drury kicked off her career in Tokyo in 1999 as a radio personality before thriving as a business news show host at CNBC. Entering the news cable network in Singapore, she later made her move to channel’s global headquarter in New Jersey. In her career spanning over 17 years, the veteran news anchor has grouped large fan base. Perhaps, the thriving journalist has also amassed satisfying net worth as per her dedication in the industry.

Amanda Drury was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where she attended Methodist Ladies’ College. Despite her popularity, notable details about the TV personalities early life is hard to find. Likewise, it’s hard to predict her age, as no any major biography site has disclosed her birth date.  

But, we do have some information about her current family life. She is a married woman, and a mother of her twin sons. It’s certain that she is living a peaceful life with her husband and kids as no rumour of conflicts or divorce in her relation has come out yet.