Allegedly gay Aaron Tveit is not married yet. He does not seems to be in hurry to have a wife

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Aaron Tveit, who does not seem to have a girlfriend and has not married anyone till date, is often rumored of being a gay. The actor seems in no hurry to marry and settle formally with anyone anytime soon.

It is an obvious trend in the industry that whenever an actor plays a gay character, gossip will encompass around him about his sexual orientation. Perhaps, it might be a reason this actor’s sexuality was doubted after executing perfect gay scenes with co-actor James Franco in his 2010 movie Howl.

Tveit’s single status till this day has given his fans one more reason to believe the rumor. He has never revealed any information about his love life and has always remained silent when asked about his love interest. Moreover, the actor has never been encountered in public with any woman.

No wonder, the hush-hush relationship status of Aaron have made his fans more curious to know if he would ever date a girl or not, to which he has showed positive hints. It has been revealed on his website that Aaron is straight; a huge relief to his female fans.

Aaron Tveit has already reached 32 years of age but he has never made any gestures which reflect about having a partner. What’s more, he has never showed any signs that resemble his desperation for woman.

All these facts have made a thing clear, i.e. the actor is entirely focused on expanding his career at the moment rather than diversifying his concentration on love and career. Let’s hope, Aaron Tveit reaches his aimed destination soon and makes time to think about having a wife, or at least a girlfriend in near future.

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