Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, Aliona has a curvaceous body measurement of 34-24-34 inches.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2006, Aliona has been performing and teaching dance on the regular. She knows that a lot of discipline is required for a perfect dance routine. Her on-point routines are the result of strict conditioning, which she believes the dancers must continue even after their performances.

However, her approach is quite different. She doesn’t do a lot of physical training, take supplements/vitamins, or follow a complex diet. It’s all about discipline to keep her body in high performance. In an interview with Watchfit, she said, “It is mostly stuff I can do anywhere regardless of available space and most of it does not rely on specialist equipment.”

Also, if you would rather just know about Aliona’s workout routines, we’ll tell you that the professional dancer performs leg raise exercises with planks, twists, resistance band work, and tops it off with basic cardio.

Aliona Vilani’s mesmerizing calendar photos and hair secrets

In addition to a few magazine features, each year Aliona releases her own calendars. It’s easy to assume from her pictures that regular dance practices have done wonders for her and given her a well-toned body. She has the most slender looking legs and believe us when we say that she is not the kind to hold back and hide her beauty.

For her 2016 calendar, Aliona was photographed in sultry lingerie. Coupled with her slender legs and busty frame, she looked “strictly” amazing! No wonder, her bikini snaps are trending on the internet.

In a Q&A sessions with fans, Aliona talked about how her hair color has changed over the seven years she’s appeared on television. She has used varied shades of red and blond. Her personal favorite is L’Oreal Permanent Copper Golden Color.

She remarked, “There were too many blonds on the show, professionals and celebrities, so I thought going a different color”. She added that Strictly suggested her to go for a bright red, which if you ask us, looked phenomenal on her.

Aliona Vilani is a Russian-Kazakhstani choreographer, best recognized for Strictly Come Dancing. A phenomenal television personality, she is famous for her body structure and eye-dazzling beauty, alongside her dancing skills of course.