Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown has reconciled with his mom, Ami Brown, after her long battle with lung cancer at their new home in Washington.

Noah Brown Return Home

In the all-new episode of the show, which came out on August 26, viewers got to see an emotional reconciliation of the family members after a long time. In Sunday’s episode, the family patriarch, Billy Brown, opened up about the relation of his youngest son with rest of the family. He said, “We have a few rough spots that we have to work out.”

Noah Brown holding a stick in front of a hut wearing a black coat

Ami, who is currently in remission said, “I would just like all of my children back.” After Noah’s arrival at home, everyone seemed very pleased and happy especially Ami. Right after seeing Noah, Ami tells her son, “Oh my baby! You look all buffed up and so great.”

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This is the first time the Brown family have reunited since Noah’s wedding in Idaho on August 15.  The Browns will not return to Alaska this season to make sure that their settlement is near to civilization for easy access to medical centers.

Billy Brown is standing in water reservoir wearing a boot and hands inside his pocket

Everyone seems quite happy about their new property in Washington. Fans will get to see lots of wild adventures experienced by the family in their new homestead. Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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