Alaska: The Last Frontier is set to return on October 7 with the eighth season months after its seventh season ended. This season, the Kilchers, who are living off the grid in the wilderness of Homer, Alaska, have a surprise for the viewers.

New Season Premieres Pleasant Surprise

Discovery has released the trailer for the show’s new season, which shows the surprise appearance of Jewel Kilcher, daughter of Atz Kilcher. Fans will get to see a new adventure of Atz as he will be seen finding an abandoned barge and trying to turn that into the family’s first floating homestead.

Jewel, who didn’t appear in the previous seasons of the show, will show up telling her father that building a new homestead in a boat is a crazy idea. She is returning to teach her son, Kase Townes Murray (born 2011), skills to survive in the isolated community of Homer. Atz Lee and Jane will travel to Adak Island to find caribou (reindeer), food for the family. Otto and Eivin will also take a journey to Red Mountain. 

For the first time in the homestead’s history, the Kilchers’ livestock is attacked by mysterious predators. Fans will get to see how they will endure more unanticipated challenges when it returns to our screens on Oct. 24 at 9p.

You can also catch up Jewel in her Handmade Holiday Tour 2018, with her father, Atz and brothers, Atz Lee and Nikos Kilcher in November.


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