Ai Fukuhara is a table tennis player who has proven the world her excellence by serving some legendary performances in various great stages. Ai Fukuhara was born on 1st November of the year 1988. Presently 26 years aged Ai Fukuhara was born in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. She is a right handed player who was named world best 6th table tennis player in the year 2012. Reaching an appreciable height of success in very considerable age, Ai Fukuhara stands as a role model to millions who seek the light of social and economic fame at very small age. She is an intelligent personality with vision, determination and courage. She believes that dedication and hard work and define impossible unrealistic. She is one of the most successful table tennis players in the world. Dedicated from her very early days she has kissed the horizon of success through her willpower.  Her sensational work is responsible to earn the social and economic status she holds today. Challenging her own abilities and skills she has stood as a perfect definition of perfection and success. Carrying on her work with all the efforts she has, Ai Fukuhara has really has proven that impossible can be defined unrealistic if anyone has determination to reach and dedication to own.

Ai Fukuhara has the height of 155 cm and weight of 48kg which perfectly suits her personality. Her long and sexy legs with well managed body measurements build up a sizzling hot bikini figure. She is a sexy and beautiful woman and at the same time is a great player who has been crowned various medals in various great competitions and stages. Her bio can be studied in wiki along with details of her works. She too can be followed on various social networking sites which access the happenings of her personal and professional life to her fans all around the world.