Agnes Hailstone (born: 1972) is an inspirational hunter who was born and raised in Alaska to the Inupiaq tribe.

She has a tattoo on her chin which is a maturity ritual among Eskimo women, indicating that a woman has reached puberty.

A set of stripes tattooed on the chin demonstrated the woman’s ability to endure great pain and also was evidence of a woman’s ‘animal’ attraction.

Agnes was first married to a person named Carter with whom she had two children, Douglas Carter and Jon Hailstone.

She first met Chip Hailstone in Noorvik, Alaska in the year 1988.

Chip didn’t plan on staying long in Alaska, but he found a reason to stay.

She has five children, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline and Qutan with Chip Hailstone making herself a proud mother of seven.

Agnes and her family are cast members of ‘Life Below Zero’ which is aired on National Geographic and produced by BBC Worldwide.

Because Agnes comes from a long line of hunters whose knowledge has been passed down from generations, the show mostly focuses on her.

Agnes uses a Mosin Nagant, a five shot, military rifle developed by the Russian Imperial Army from 1882 to 1891 on her hunting trips.

The native Inupiaq also uses a knife called ‘Ullu’ which is used for skinning and cleaning animals by the women of Inuit, Yupik and Aleut tribes.

Agnes lives with her family near Kobuk River which is 19 miles north of the Arctic Circle and hunts with her family according to the Eskimo traditions.

Before moving back to Alaska, Agnes lived with her husband Chip and his father Daniel Franklin Hailstone.

She mostly famous for hunting Alaska’s largest Ice Seal species with her exceptional hunting skills.