Abby Huntsman comes under one of the hottest Fox News’ reporter. The 31-year-old journalist and talk show host has been creating a lot of buzz in the social media sites with her hot photos.

Huntsman, who is pregnant at present, looks equally hot showing off her baby bump. Sticking to secret fitness mantras, this beauty has maintained such body measurements, which many crave for.

Abby Huntsman pregnant with first child flaunts baby bump for the first time

Take a look at Huntsman’s pictures on the set, and you’ll know why she is one of the most adored television personalities. She rocks in any dress she wears, whether it’s a formal attire or bikini.

Abby Huntsman is half-dipped in a pool. She is wearing a strapless bikini top and sunglasses.

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston, Huntsman’s husband since 2010 is really lucky to have Abby as his wife. They were dating each other since they were in college.