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Sunny Hostin

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Sunny Hostin is an American lawyer, journalist and legal analyst best known for The View. As an award-winning lawyer, she began her career in television from Court TV and made her way to CNN in 2007. She has been on ABC News since 2014.
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Sunny Hostin and her husband Emmanuel HostinSunny HostinSunny HostinSunny Hostin was featured on the cover of Diversity Woman, Fall 2014 issueSunny Hostin worked as legal analyst for CNN from 20017 to 2014Sunny Hostin at CNN Heroes eventSunny Hostin is of  mixed heritageSunny HostinSunny HostinSunny HostinSunny HostinEmmanuel Hostin celebrating his 46th birthday in 2016Sunny Hostin and Emmanuel Hostin

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