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5 Lesser known facts about Danielle Colby of American Pickers

Brawn as well as the beauty of the show, American Pickers, the heavily tattooed Danielle Colby has quite a strong fanbase. This avid fashion designer, who met the show host, Mike Wolfe, more than a decade before the show debuted, works at Mike’s shop, Antique Archaeology.

Danielle handles all the businesses from dealing with the buyers to packing up shipments. Mike often refers to her as “the glue” who holds them together. For the antique collectors, nothing is too strange or too wacky, but there are lots of weird and surprising things that we might have missed about the reality show.

Hey, we are talking about the reality stars and seems like they want some privacy too! There are a lot of unwrapped things which are out of our sight. So, we have come along with five surprising facts about Danielle Colby.

Burlesque dancer

Danielle Colby in a burlesque dance custom

Danielle is an avid burlesque dancer and is popular in the field as Dannie Diesel or Danny D. After watching a comedian Margaret Cho perform an act in Chicago, she became obsessed with the genre and even thought of having a career in the field. Afterward, she formed a burlesque troupe with eight other members and named the group, Burlesque Le Moustache. Her interest in the dance form became intense, so much so that she even opened a dance academy, Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Academy in Rogers Park

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Documentary Producer

Danielle Colby is boldly facing the camera. She is keeping her left hand in her right knee and showing off some tattoos.

She is best at whatever she does. Already one of the most admired reality show stars and impressive burlesque dancer, Danielle has tried out her luck in producing too. And it seems, she is ready to branch out showing off her skills and stand out from the rest. In 2016, she produced a documentary, Tempest Storm, which chronicles the story of dancer with the same name. With its great success, it also won an award nomination, from Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

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Unhealthy relationship with family

American Pickers' Danielle Colby is smiling at the camera. She is keeping one hand in her waist and the other hand is on the bus

Danielle has a strong presence among her fans, and her free spirit is something that is admired by the viewers. It might come as a surprise that she was brought up in a very conservative family with strict households. So, her interest in burlesque, tattoo and other pursuits somehow created tensions with her family.

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Divorced due to growing fame

Danielle Colby is flaunting her tattoo. She is wearing thin-stripped dress. She is posing for the camera effortlessly.

Things might not always go as planned for us all. Same was the case with Danielle. She is twice married and her first husband, Kevin Coby, whom she refers to as a good man wasn’t so fond of fame. Reports have it that while Danielle was steadily growing in the field with dedicated followers, Kevin preferred not to share Danielle with her fans, but that probably cannot happen when you are a reality star. 

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Animal Lover

Danielle Colby sitting on the floor with a dog

Danielle is quite active in a variety of charities and causes, which mainly benefits dogs. She has spoken out in support of fair treatment for different breeds, including pit bulls. Furthermore, she has also adopted dogs from an organization, PAWS, which ensures animals are respected, safe and have a voice.


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American Pickers surprising facts that you might not have known

Name Danielle Colby-Cushman
Birthday December 03, 1975
Age 45 Years Old
Nationality United States
Best Known For American Pickers